Pink ElephanTs

‘Pink ElephanTs on Parade’ the famous dark and twisted animation scene from Disneys classic film Dumbo. Like most children I found this hallucinating scene frightful, yet the tune would stick in your head as annoying as can be. Being a young viewer you never realised the link between the drink and the images that followed, it seemed as though suddenly these Pink Elephants were here, there, stomping and parading around. 

Now most adults didn’t like to tell a child the effects of alcohol, booze, or other hallucinating substances. Most reassured the child that the elephants were part of a dream or an over active imagination, the later is what I was led to believe. 

However, scary I found those pink ElephanTs, years later I discovered something much more disturbing. I’m sure it’s not just my imagination, or coffee filled hallucinations. Yet it is strange that out of 4 children and 1 partner that it is only myself that notices the dirty dishes refilling the sink by themselves or the dirty cups that suddenly appear on the kitchen side that’s just been cleaned. Or to that point I’m the only one who sees a spill on a surface or an object that has become sticky. 

And so to this disoriented hallucination of adulthood I bring forth the fear of childhood – the dishcloth. No other description is required for the spring clean other than this perfect pattern found –

Thanks for reading. 

May the pink ElephanTs enjoy there parade this spring. 🙂

Daughter of Mine. 


Daughter of mine,

       You are never alone, 

For I carry you in my heart always.  

I share your joys and your pains and I wish I could take all your hurt away.   

Yet it is said and there’s some truth in it I know.  

‘ that it’s through pain and trails that we grow ‘.       

 It seems to me the more special you are – The more you are tested by the darker, easier side of life. 

And you my child are special, though your burdens must be great,                                           

 But remember this – You are always stronger than you think you are.

Words are easy to speak,                                                                  

 Much harder to live.                                                           

It takes courage to face our deep inner feelings,                                       

For as one we feel so small,

 It would be easy to surrender and fall ; but alas the truth in within us all,     

And we must choose whether to fight or fall.

But if we each as one unite,                                                                                                                                        

We are no longer small,                                                                                                                                            

Each of our little flickers grow together,                                                                                                                  

In the flame of life where hope quickens, hearts beat faster, love deepens, then our strength grows. 

Take heart my daughter,                                                                                                                                         

Life’s battles are hard  And its wounds are many and deep.                                                                          

But as we press on the Rewards we will reap ;                                                                                                     

Of knowledge, understanding, compassion and peace.                                                                                     

Yes the battle is hard,                                                                                                                                                 

And we all at times feel weak,                                                                                                                                  

And when this falls upon you Never be afraid to speak.                                                                                    

For I will always listen with love,                                                                                                                           

And with love your wounds try to heal.                                                                                                                     

And courage give you your destiny fulfill.

You’ll never be alone daughter of mine ,                                                                                                                

For I carry you always within my heart.                                                                                                                                                  

K. Klein         (7/2/1998) 

             The above is a draft of which my mother wrote for my sister, I feel it not my place to edit these words rushed by emotions onto paper. My sister has the copy she was intended to, although through years some lines were continually quoted to us both. 🙂  love you mum, we did listen and we still do x 


Only wanted to grow a daffodil…….


      I only wanted to grow a daffodil,
      After clearing the winter foliage
      Among the wet dark dead leaves,
      A little green leaf lonely peeked.
      I told everyone I want this to grow –
      To blossom, to bloom ;
         Just one thing I wished
      Just one thing this year to succeed.
      I only want to grow a daffodil.
      It’s obvious the green in the mud….
           That’s why the children tamp over it in a rush,
           That’s why bags of goal are dumped on top,
           That’s the area the wheelie bin is placed
           And each leaf a tasty dog treat.
           That’s mine successful wish destroyed.
      I only wanted to grow a daffodil,
      A little bit of nature in our world,
      A piece of the world in self centred reality.
      But a daffodil doesn’t produce WiFi
      Nor anything of value to others
      So why should they care
      Why should they take notice of this magic before them
      When playback videos are on the internet.
      And what’s the reward for them
      So why should anyone respect.
      I only wanted to grow a daffodil—–


The Yo-Yo Likers.

    I simply do not understand the yo-yo linkers of Facebook. It is as though they are unaware that you can like a ‘post’ without having to like the ‘page’, and instead of ignoring a ‘post’ they unfollow the ‘page’.
    This leads to further decline for the pages reach as individuals notice the declining numbers and abandon ship (‘page’ in this case). Or it deters those that view the page to press ‘follow’.
    This yo-yo of liking and unfollowing a page is not only annoying to those trying to build an idea it destroys their page, their reach of ‘could be’s’, but also the dreamful heart with which he page was created.
    So please – if you like a post press the like button under it, not the page like button. If you like the page- please press the like/follow button.
    Knowing the difference between these two buttons makes a world of difference to an individuals hard work, sacrifice, failure, determination and strength to carry on towards and reach their goal.

Thank you.

Dasher, Dancer, Plagiarism….?

As I sit here cross-stitching reindeers and naming them so I come across the great debate whether it is Blixem or Bltzen, Donner or Dunder ? Then the following comes to mind ;


‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ was a story written by Robert L May for the company Montgomery Ward in 1939. In which Robert writes Santa calling for his reindeers-

“come Dasher, come Dancer, come Prancer and Vixen! come Comet, come Cupid, come Donner and Blitzen!”

This was not the first time americian children had been introduced to these reindeers. For over a century earlier, in 1822, Clement Clarke Moore created a seasonal tale titled ‘A Visit From St Nicholas’. Where upon St Nicholas whistles and shouted and called his reindeers by name –

“Now! Dsaher, Now! Dancer, Now! Prancer and Vixen. On! Comet, On! Cupid, On! Dunder and Blixem”

So on thesewinter night when we memorise our own sparkling christmas gone, we still debate whether it is Blixxem or Blitzen, Donner or Dunder. Yet childhood fondness seems to have smoothered the question of plagiarism….Did Montgomery Ward have permission to so widely use the same names for the same characters that where created by Clement Clarke Moore ? ….Rudolph was created in the depression years, an image of hope. But mainly for advertising a company store. Would the company, at the time, paid for the copyright on the lesser characters in the story?


….Did ‘Rudolph’ only become popular due to ‘A visit from St Nicholas’ already being a seasonal tradition told from the old to the young. Therefore the reindeers names already familiar within so many homes ?


So, does any one know if St Nicholas’s reindeers were so obviously plagirised ?


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